Hail to the Queen

In a town of many luxuries, beer reigns supreme. From yoga, to food truck festivals, to weddings, to games of hearts, breweries reign are the house for all social settings. Best be ready to pay the price of admission though because Charlotte’s favorite beverage will cost you a few pieces of gold.


Once in a blue moon the men gather at the round table. PBR’s are opened and chips are stacked. Games of poker drag on till only two remain. Who will win a little extra spending money for their honey?


Where there are friends there is food. Boiled and served hot, a little nod to our low country brethren.


Mountain retreats offer a much needed break from the toils of corporate life. Goal of the weekend: figure out who the True American is.


Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH
As soon as winter scurries back north that means the lake is open for play. Careful, sunburn accompanies the first few sessions of Matt Camp.



The queen city will always command some amount of loyalty. I never fell in love with the city, but I experienced friendship in a way that I will always treasure.


I’ll miss you my moody friend.

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