I was really taken aback with the quaintness of New England. From the old towns to small roads to obsession with the sea: it all felt small.
If this looks like an old house you’re right. If it looks too old to live in then you are wrong. Aunt Nancy and Uncle Mark are living life off the grid and doing it in nearly the hardest way possible. I doubt they see it that way though.
I had to include this picture for the sole reason that Sean Connery walked out of that door moments after I took this picture. In true fashion, mom chatted with him (unbeknownst to his status).
Lookout on Lookout mountain.




The clear heart throb of this trip: Bruce. You have officially usurped my role as baby of the family.
This was on our way up “The Beehive.” Between me shooting in 35mm and Pete shooting in Super-8, we are lucky to even have any documentation of this. Really though, this hike was great.┬áIn case you’re wondering, that is not Pete’s Swell bottle in his bag either.
Wouldn’t be an adventure if Pete didn’t scrap something.
Having the whole family in one place is becoming increasingly rare for the Washam clan. Hiking up to Cadillac Mtn in the cold and rain was a true high point (pun intended) of the trip. To me this was what the trip was all about.
Had to get a postcard shot in.


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