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Day 8: So if you’re confused by my tracker I apologise. I didn’t do the “victory loop” so according to the tracking app I’m still stuck in limbo. I assure you I most definitely finished though. From 3 hours of sleep, waking up wet from rain, pedalling in a head wind for 12 hours, and mud on mud, I didn’t much feel like flaunting my “victory” the last day. In the end having so much support through this post has been super special. Ending my day reading everyones thoughts was like candy, and trust me when I say I ate a lot of candy on this trip.

I sat here

Day 6: Just rolled in to Ephrata after a suffer fest. The good news is the biggest of climbs are done. Basically as long as I don’t stand up on the bike or push it hard I’m able to keep going….just 200 more miles of fun.

For all those who haven’t been introduced to right knee/quad. He’s a bit of a complainer.

Day 5: The biggest climb is past me. Unfortunately I am feeling some serious strain in my right quad so I had to call it quits early. I am concerned there might be some serious damage so I’m pretty nervous for tomorrow morning.

Day 4: I have both reached the half way point and crossed back into my side of the state. Good bye rain and organic grocery stores. At this point every body part hurts or is numb in some way so I think I’m getting the hang of this. Tomorrow will be the biggest climb yet so I’m calling it quits early today.

Big thanks to my buddy Mike Seaward for paying me a visit on the trail. The next 2 hours I think my pace doubled after that visit

Day 3:

Last night I had another furry guest in the form of a mouse who, impressively ate through a jacket, a backpack, and 220 calories worth of Larabar. Can’t fault him for the last one. Hitting the ferry now, can’t say I’ll miss the Olympic peninsula.

Dad tip: cotton socks help the shoes dry out. The mid ankle bleach socks were my choice though

Day 2:

So in case you’ve been watching my dot you probably noticed it’s moving again!!! The local bike shop in Port Angeles hooked me up with a new wheel and derailleur. It’s not perfect but I’m moving again.

Tom, hero of the day for driving me around and letting me crash at his place.
Not what I thought I would wake up to after my first day of riding.

Day 1: First off, huge thanks for every message and prayer, encouragement and check in that yall have shared with me. It feels like having family out there with me.

So an update, I had a really hard day. I was making incredible time, riding with new friends. Things were moving forward. Out of nowhere a stick caught in my spokes, ruined by back wheel and bent my derailleur and brought my progress to a stand still. 6 months of daily training and on the first day I have an irreparable failure. I can’t quite express the sadness it brought about, but I was/am shattered.

I pushed my bike 25 miles and was picked up by a saint by the name of Tom. Tomorrow he’ll take me in to town and see if we can fix something. I really don’t know how things will go but I will keep updates coming. Below is a picture of what broken dreams look like.

I sit here

75 thoughts on “Race Blog

  1. Want to do Rocky Top when you get home? I’ll bring a rope so you can tow me! Haha, just kidding. You’re awesome. Almost done!


  2. Ethan…Less than 200 miles to go! My prayer for you today and tomorrow: I pray that what the Lord shows you today beckons your attention much, much more than any pains or numbness you may still have. I pray that your knowledge of Him, His creation and of yourself are magnified for your focus. 🤓


  3. Ethan. Do you have ibuprofen? Take 4 of them at a time. Do you lot will help your hands and your ankle too. Take them three times a day till your race is done even if you are feeling better. Try to change the position of your hands when you are holding on to the handlebars. Do you have Gatorade powder ? Stay hydrated and add to your water if you have it. Might help the quads. You are AMAZING. Love aunt janet


  4. Wow Ethan! You are doing stellar. We can’t believe you are now less than 100 miles to the finish! We are so proud of you. Stay focused and pep talk your right knee/quad to hang in there! Sleep well tonight. You’re almost there!


  5. Ethan- You are a warrior! I love how you have pressed through in the face of extreme hardship and adversity! You are amazing. Looks like you have found a riding partner in Mitch. So nice to have company. Praying that your body holds up so you can do the final push tomorrow. Wouldn’t want to have to call an Uber to get home to Yakima on Monday!


  6. I suppose you’re going to keep me awake all night watching your coordinates, since I don’t want to miss the finish. I’ll get even, don’t worry. LOL.


  7. Well, Ethan…it’s about time to send the bird out to find the the finish line…
    Today: No mountains. No rain. A cool 59° high.
    I am praying for a smooth,wind-behind-you sail into your final port. Success and victory come to you today!


  8. So proud of you Ethan. I know you got what it takes to get up and power through today. I’m praying for you bud.


  9. Come on, Eef! Almost there! If I could hook Cheez and Ru up to a harness and teleport them they would tow you across the line. They are giving you nap support!


  10. WOW! Less than a hundred miles to go. You have been amazing. Mr Billy and I are praying for you. You’ve got this!!!!!


  11. Hey Ethan!! Uncle Fred and I are praying that God will give you your second wind to make it to that finish line with energy to spare. What you are accomplishing is amazing. Keep up the good work!


  12. Hi Ethan! Bonnie and Zoe here, rooting for you from NY! It’s such an incredible accomplishment to even be competing in a race like this, and you should be proud of yourself already! We’re thinking of you and sending you all the magic cycling energy in the world! Can’t wait to hear all about this adventure when you’re done and have slept for probably 48 hours straight. You go cous! Never “quit it”!


  13. Hey Ethan, I hope your legs are still functioning, at least until the finish line. Keep pushing towards your dream and enjoy the painful beauty in it all. Your satisfaction will be everything you put into it! Love you, cousin, and I’m amazed you’re doing this. Guess we’re all crazy in our own ways!!


  14. I went out of town today, to Liberty, Wa for a family function, but made sure I got home to see you cross the line. I’m back home, and on the edge of my seat now. Sixteen miles to go!


  15. “Victory” Is a state of mind. My guess is that you’ll be enjoying this “Victory Loop” for the rest of your life!
    You accomplished an amazing feat! Good on ya!


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